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Roller Blinds

A Roller Blind can be defined as a blind that consists of a length of fabric that winds around a roller mechanism in order to be adjusted to different heights ranging between fully open and fully closed. Roller Blinds are a popular choice for window coverings as they are economical, great for privacy, control glare, and can help stop heat from entering the home. Because there are different fabrics and control options available, Roller Blinds are the perfect choice for any area of your home.

Roller Blinds are available in many different fabrics, colours and patterns. Fabrics include Black Out (Totally Opaque fabric), Translucent (Semi Opaque fabric) and Sun-screen (sheer fabrics). While you can opt for the standard spring operating mechanism, Roller Blinds can also be operated using a chain control or can also be motorized. Motorising your blinds may allow you to add extra features such as timers to control when and how long your blind is up or down or sensors which will raise and lower your blinds according to the amount of ambient sunlight. A series of roller blinds can be linked together so that they can be operated by a single control of your choice (Remote Control and Automation).


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