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Eavin Blinds

View the world with the combination of Semi-Opaque & Mesh wonder popularly known as Eavin Blinds They’re soft and luxurious as they are unique. The horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of translucent sheers for a softened outside view when in the open “view through” position.

Eavin Blind fabric vanes overlap and provide privacy when closed. However, the inherent nature of the fabric will cause a slight increase in the distance from the front sheer to the back sheer as you move further down the shading. These vanes do not form a perfect seal against light leakage, which is most visible toward the bottom of the shading. Completely open, completely closed or anywhere in between, Eavin Blinds offers flexibility.


“During the entire project, I found Magical Touch being concerned and thoughtful about my requirements. The designers took time to listen to ...

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