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Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks provide an interesting alternative to simple curtains. Curtains can really transform a room and you’ll want to hang them with as little fuss as possible. Curtain Tracks provide a dynamic solution which is convenient and easy to use. Our wide variety of rail profiles provides solutions for all types of curtains such as lace curtains, transparent curtains, lined curtains and heavy light-opaque fabrics. Quickly and easily installed.

Curtain Rails are easy to connect to nearly any domestic automation system and to operate with a remote control. Automatic Curtain Rails provide luxury and comfort! Moreover, when you’re away from home, you can simulate someone being home – a comforting thought. Electrical curtain rails can be used on a wide variety of systems for closing curtains.

Curtain Track


“During the entire project, I found Magical Touch being concerned and thoughtful about my requirements. The designers took time to listen to ...

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