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3D Wallpaper

A featured wall in 3D Wallpaper creates a huge impact, lending a three-dimensional effect to the room. Interior designers believe that rooms should have a central focal point of interest, from which all other elements flow. A feature wall in 3D Wallpaper is an easy way to achieve this. Apart from creating a unique style of Wallpaper, 3D Wallpaper can be crafted into furniture such as doors on entertainment units and small cabinets. They make stunning bar and reception desk fronts, bed heads and more.

With more and more developments in 3D technology, interior designers are now seeking new mediums to bring their walls to life. Using the delicate and detailed method of three-dimensional fluting of corrugated card, designs protrude from the surface to produce an inspiring 3D Wallpaper.


“During the entire project, I found Magical Touch being concerned and thoughtful about my requirements. The designers took time to listen to ...

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